Pokit Classic Capsule Bag

Pokit Classic Capsule Bag

The Pokit Classic Capsule Bag is positively the best handbag that many have ever owned. If one finds it necessary to have a lot of stuff with them wherever they go, this bag will carry it all. The design of the bag itself was inspired by the Geodesic Dome designs of R. Buckminster Fuller and, if one knows of his thoughts for the future necessities of the planet at all, they see that old Bucky would have been proud of this bag. It has spaces for everything while keeping everything in it’s place. The bag doesn’t take up any uncalled-for amount of space on the outside, but, inside it’s a whole different world. Some have said that when a person first looks at their bag, they, at times, have commented on how traditional and classic the bag itself looks. Some gladly inform that that is only the outside, literally opening their bag and showing how convenient the internal design of the bag is.

grey Pokit Classic Capsule Bag

The purchase of a Pokit Classic Capsule Bag also allows a person to feel quite loyal in their decision. As Pokit is a design company based in the United Kingdom, one is absolutely thrilled to see the ingenuity of the artists and designers at home. By far, people find this Capsule Bag the most ingenious and practical bag that they’ve ever had the good fortune to own. Even though it’s practical, it’s definitely fun. Plan on purchasing several in future as well-appreciated gifts for friends and family.grey Pokit Classic Capsule Bag

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