Weber One Touch Premium 57cm Charcoal Barbecue

Weber One Touch Premium 57cm Charcoal Barbecue

Sometimes what’s needed is simplicity out of a charcoal grille, and this little machine absolutely fits the bill! It starts with the fact that this barbecue is all-weather; no more worrying about the grille rusting up if you leave it out in the rain. Its wheels will stay in good shape, and the grille itself is porcelain enamelled, giving it the tough strength to survive some inclement weather.

The best thing about Weber One Touch Premium, hands down, is how easy it is to clean. Some may remember an old, cheap grille they once had, back in college. The ash removal grate was rusted shut (thanks again for the rust-free design, Weber!), and so the only method for getting rid of the ashes from previous grille sessions was to turn the whole thing upside down and dump out the ash – a very cumbersome and messy task! Thanks to the efficient design, all that must be done to remove the ash from this clever little machine is to open one lever, open three more grates, and simply dispose of the ashes wherever you would like them, from the container at the bottom.

The belly of this grille is deeper as well, allowing for easier indirect grilling, to barbecue in more ways than just flambé. This grille even comes with a measuring cup so it’s easy to see precisely how much charcoal to add to get cooking.

In summary, Weber One Touch Premium is everything one could want in a charcoal grill, and worth the price.

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