Zgrip for iPhone

Zgrip for iPhone

Anyone who has ever shot video on an iPhone has wished for this gadget or something like it. We’ve all been there, trying to take that shot in landscape mode, our hands shaking the more we concentrated on being still, and then that one rebellious finger suddenly covers the lens and ruins the shot. You can just scream in frustration.

Zacuto’s clever solution to this common problem is the Zgrip for iPhone, which brings the convenience of a tripod to the handheld arena. In order to pull that off, the device has to be ultra-light and ultra-comfortable. Weighing in at just a few ounces, Zgrip manages to be both of those things. One very favourable design decision is the gap in the handle, which allows for its lightness, and it allows you to hold the handle for long periods without a sweaty palm.

Anyone who shoots video with an iPhone should try this product, even if you count yourself among the lucky few who have never screamed out in frustration. You might be surprised at how revealing the test run is. Using an iPhone to shoot video is an awkward experience even if you’ve never realized it. The Zgrip turns awkward into graceful, and it allows you to shoot video for hours with pain-free hands.

The Zgrip Jr. is the perfect fit for those times when you want to shoot video with their iPhone at a concert or even at the local parade. However, if you take your iPhone video a little more serious than that, there’s the Pro edition. The Pro is a lot like the Jr., but also includes greater adjustability, a tripod attachment, and a removable cradle.

Price: $69 - Jr. / $295 - Pro | BUY NOW
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