The Future of Netbooks

The Future of Netbooks

Netbooks are the new “big” thing, what started off being a niche filled by the Asus and Acer brands of this world is now catching the eye of the big guns.  Both HP and Sony have announced further in roads in to the netbook arena, with HP shouting about its Mini 2140 Netbook and Sony bringing out a fit in your pocket netbook with built in 3G.

Netbooks for Business

One of the aims of 2009 for the likes of Sony, HP and Dell must be to get netbooks noticed by the business world, make them relevant in the same way that smartphones such as the Blackberry are regarded as the norm.  Once office workers are getting their work netbook, the market share will be carved up and Asus and Acer will be challenged to also look the part.

grey The Future of Netbooks

HP Mini 2140 Netbook

There is a good write up about the future of netbooks over on, one thing is clear – what started out as a niche gadget is going to become mainstream and will revolutionise many peoples commute.

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