Waterproof MP3 Player – Sony Walkman NWZ-252 2GB

Waterproof MP3 Player – Sony Walkman NWZ-252 2GB

Once upon a time, the Sony Walkman was the last word in portable music devices for the budget audiophile. Nowadays, it has stiffer competition from Apple and Microsoft but Sony is still putting out a quality device.

The latest iteration of the Walkman is one of the most elegantly designed music devices on the market. Essentially just a pair of headphones, the user is able to slip them on and off with ease when traveling. Playlists are randomized but users can quickly scan songs with the press of a button.

The controls themselves are intuitive. As their is no external media device attached to the headphones, users will control the Sony Walkman by pressing buttons which line the earbuds. For the most part, this is a very intuitive control system but new users might take a little while to get used to controlling their music without being able to see their input.

grey Waterproof MP3 Player   Sony Walkman NWZ 252 2GB

Of course, what really matters is the sound quality. Audio from the Walkman can be played surprisingly loud for such a small, compact device. The device can really pump the bass and there’s very little audio distortion.

The headphones are waterproof, making them excellent companions for long jogs out in the elements. Sony claims they can even be used in the shower, although there haven’t been many tests to see how well it actually preforms under these circumstances.

Overall, the 2GB Sony Walkman is a great way to get your portable music without breaking the bank for flashier digital music players.

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