The Xbox 360 Slim: New life for Microsoft

The Xbox 360 Slim: New life for Microsoft

A much needed revision for the Xbox, the 360 Slim, came out in late June to the applause of Microsoft fans everywhere. The new, slick, black version of every gamer’s favorite platform is back and better than ever, albeit with a steep price tag of 300 big ones. If you can foot the bill, this might prove to be one of the better investments in an Xbox, ever.

Technically, Microsoft’s newest cash cow really isn’t called the “Slim”, its the “Xbox 360 S”. Actually, Xbox rarely even uses its actual name in advertisements, preferring to go with the “new” Xbox 360 (which doesn’t sound as cool but sure rakes in the money). Anyways, the ‘S’ comes with a generous 250 Gigabytes of storage, built-in WiFi, KINECT capability, 5 USB ports, a better fan, “smoother” run, and a cool black finish to top it off.

Still, although the pros definitely outweigh the cons, there were some things Microsoft probably could have implemented but opted out on. Blu-ray, for example, has been harped upon by rival Playstation for years now, and Xbox still has chosen not to begin integrate their hardware with the new technology. Another side note on hardware quirks: the black plastic coating is very prone to fingerprint marks and smudges.

Regardless of its tiny shortcomings, the 360 Slim has managed to breathe new life into Xbox. The smaller, sleeker, and more efficient design was merely the icing on the cake for most die-hard Microsoft fan boys, that’s for sure.

grey The Xbox 360 Slim: New life for Microsoft

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