Fallout 3

Fallout 3

Many hardcore followers of the Fallout franchise were not initially happy when it was announced that Bethesda would be the development studio to transform it into a first person role planing game. They were afraid it would be nothing but a crude mockery of the original, something like an “Oblivion with guns.” While there are so true similarities between Fallout 3 and Obliviion, the former is much better executed, and ends up as a far superior gaming experience.

If you are not familiar with the Fallout storyline, let’s catch you up: In the year 2077 a nuclear war tears the world apart. Only a small segment of human society survives underground in radiation proof Vaults. These Vaults not only protect them from nuclear fallout, but also from the mutated terrors who were spawned by the radiation that permeates the world at this time. The first two games in this series were set on the West Coast, but Fallout 3 offers an even more interesting gaming experience. It is set in the urban region of the greater Washington D.C. area. This means gamers get to see their favorite historical monuments crumbling and in a state of sad disrepair.

Fallout details the adventures of a character who was born inside the relative safety of one of the subterranean Vaults. One of the coolest things about Fallout is how gamers are allowed to design and personalize their character. The beginning of the game TRULY starts at the beginning with the birth of your character. Gamers decide what the character will look like, and only then does the face of the father come into view (as a reflection of what your guy will eventually look like).

The creators at Bethesda should receive nothing but praise. This is a visually stunning masterpiece. Even the music chosen for the game create a unique and engaging experience anyone can appreciate. The storyline is exciting and believable and makes for an addictive game experience that can make you waste literally hundreds of hours of your life.

If you are a fan of role playing games and like sinking into the skin of other characters and experiencing fantasy situations, Fallout 3 is truly one of the finest games of its kind and generation. This is a great gift for any fan of rpg, or to yourself this holiday season!

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