Meccano Spykee: The WiFi Robot

Meccano Spykee: The WiFi Robot

Spykee is a Wi-fi robot, your very own eyes and ears to patrol your home. You can control Spykee from anywhere with an internet connection, perfect for people who are away form home a lot, kids and er… geeks who like gadgets…

Spykee the Wi-fi robot features

  • WiFi card
  • Microphone
  • Video Camera
  • Loudspeaker
  • IR auto-parking / recharging system
  • Light and optical fibres
  • Spyke is controlled from your computer through WiFi connection
  • Spyke is controlled by the MMI (Machine Man Interface) (See below image)
  • Two ways to play with Spyke with MMI:
  • Locally: your computer and Spyke catch the local WiFi connection
  • Remotely: control your Spyke from anywhere in the world via the internet! (Protected secure web login)
  • Easy and fast system to build three different models: Robot, Scorpion, Space Vehicle
  • 210 parts
  • Compatible with all Meccano parts

Just don’t leave him alone with your robot vacuum cleaner!

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