Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones

As a moderate whiskey sipper I enjoy a few good blends but like to take the edge off with a couple of ice-cubes. Using ice dilutes the overall balance of the flavors so I do not get the real taste of what was intended by the distiller. Being somewhat of a technology geek I decided to try various ice-cube alternatives to test the effects on the taste of my favorites. I am happy to say that I have indeed found an acceptable alternative to the common ice-cube.

Whiskey Stones are a new innovation for the whiskey and bourbon connoisseur out there who likes their spirits on the rocks but hates diluting their favorite libation with ordinary ice cubes. Just drop the stones into the freezer until ready to use. Put them in the bottom of your glass, cover them with two fingers of your favorite beverage, wait five minutes to chill, and enjoy.

These little soapstone wonders cool your drink without diluting the mild nuance of your favorite brand. Whiskey Stones allow you to taste what the distiller meant for you to taste. They impart a “stony” chill to your drink that leaves the real taste intact. They are non-porous so they will not pick up any strange flavors or odors. They can be reused after you are finished by just rinsing them off and letting them air dry before replacing in the freezer. The best thing is that they hold their temperature a fairly long time so enjoy rocks these and sip away.

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