Pentax X70 Digital Camera

Pentax X70 Digital Camera

Check out the Pentax X70 Digital Camera featuring 12 Megapixels of greatness…

With a focal range of 26-624mm in 35mm the 24x zoom comes equipped with shake reduction and full manual control.

The camera weighs in at around 390g and is fitted with a 2.7 inch rear colour LCD screen – perfect for framing up and checking the nine point autofocus.
Unfortunately the camera only stores in Jpeg and not the much more desirable RAW format.  This isn’t a deal braker for the target audience but a shame all the same.  The x70 isn’t the fastest camera in the world with slow start up times.

The reviewers over at Testfreaks gave the Pentax X70 a not too bad 7/10.

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