Hot contender for digital camera of the year, Sony NEX-5

Hot contender for digital camera of the year, Sony NEX-5

The NEX-5 is Sony’s first foray into the new market of small, mirror less cameras with interchangeable lenses. This innovation means you get the quality of traditional cameras with a size that even digital cameras cannot compete with. Although it may look strange at first – its large lens sticking off a palm-sized camera – the quality of the picture and video produced by this camera is striking.

The cameras view screen is 3 inches wide and has very high resolution. It can also be tilted at 80 degrees and 45 degrees in order to adjust to your shooting. The video recording aspect of this tiny camera is indeed a step above what many digital camera users are used to. The 1080i AVCHD video produced by the NEX-5 is crystal clear and captures detail as well as the 14 megapixel photos this camera also produces. The anti-motion-blur, long range shooting, and twilight modes deliver incredible pictures and video under any circumstances.

The panorama mode boasts an impressive 226 degree horizontal panorama range and a 151 degree vertical range. There is even an intriguing upgrade in the works to create the first 3D panorama pictures that can be viewed on the new Bravia 3D television sets to be released in the next few years.

As for storage and battery power, the NEX-5 does not disappoint. You can get approximately 330 shots per battery charge. The NEX-5 supports the most major storage formats through its dual slots. The NEX-5 is indeed an impressive, versatile, and compact camera that is sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding professional photographer.

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