LaCie iamaKey USB Flash Drive

LaCie iamaKey USB Flash Drive

The LaCie iamaKey Thumb-Drive is one of the better thumb-drives that is available. More and more people are choosing to carry flash drives with them at all times, but this means that the drives must be inconspicuous, carry a lot of data, and, most importantly, stand up to abuse.

This thumb-drive is all of that and more. It fits very well on a keyring, as promised, and looks just like a key, albeit a little larger. Unless it was inspected closely, nobody would ever know that it is a flash drive. The drive is remarkably strong, and even waterproof to a degree. It does not flex at all when plugged into the computer, even with the keyring and the weight of the other keys attached. It has excellent transfer speeds. The drive also has remarkably low failure rates after one year: approximately 4%, as compared to the industry standard of around 12%.

There is only one problem with the drive. This is that the serial number is not included on the drive itself. Rather, it is included in the disposable packaging that comes with the drive. The manufacturer has chosen not to honor warranties without a serial number, so this can pose a problem. However, given the strength of the drive it is unlikely that anyone will encounter a situation in which he or she needs to call in a warranty.

Overall this drive is highly recommended. However, a customer should make sure that he or she copies the serial number onto a text file and puts it in multiple locations before throwing away the original packaging.

Available sizes: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

Price: £13.99 - 94.99  | BUY NOW

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