Buckyballs Magnetic Building Spheres

Buckyballs Magnetic Building Spheres

Who knew that a bunch of magnetic balls could be so much fun? Buckyball Magnetic Building Spheres, or Buckyballs for short, are small super strong magnetic balls that stick together. Each pack you buy contains 216, which is enough to build lots of complicated structures. As simple as the idea is, it is surprising how much fun they are. Shipped in a nifty case as a cube, you can literally peel off layers of spheres and unfold it into a giant T. Some simple rearrangement and you have a pyramid. Use an old credit card and you can dice them any way you want. Really, the only limit to what you build is your imagination. Or, if you are like me, it is more fun to just break them into random shapes and reassemble them differently, not really having any shape in mind. They are a wonderful toy to fidget with.

Buckyballs are not the only type of toy like this. There are other brands, but they generally have smaller, more cheaply made magnetic spheres. Unlike Buckyballs, their spheres start to fall apart into metallic flakes. Unlike their competition, you can also choose from a different colors. In addition to the classic chrome finish, you can also get gold silver and black. No matter what color you choose, each Buckyball will be made of high quality grade N35 Neodymium magnets that are 5mm in diameter.

grey Buckyballs Magnetic Building Spheres

These may be the perfect desktop toy. They just beg to be fiddled with. If you need something to do while you think, or are just bored of working, these will provide the perfect distraction for you. Just remember to start working again afterward. For such a simple toy, they are really addictive.

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