Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini

While the new iPhone got all the press, it wasn’t the only announcement at Macworld. A new Mac Mini was also released, switching the tiny computer over to a completely aluminum shell to match the company’s other offerings. The new design is larger, covering about 20cm square with a height of 3.6cm. This is about 4cm wider and longer than the previous Mini and 1.6cm taller. However, the power supply has been integrated into the case so the overall size of the system is smaller than the previous design.

Inside, the hardware is similar to the 13″ MacBook. Graphics have been upgraded to NVIDIA’s GeForce 320M which runs about 80% faster than the previous 9400M. 802.11n is now standard
Video comes from a Mini Display port or an HDMI port, a first for Apple. This allows the Mini to connect directly to an HDTV.

grey Apple Mac Mini

All of the plugs are mounted on the rear including the SD card slot, which makes using it a bit awkward. Data and peripheral connections are handled by four USB ports and a single Firewire port. DDR3 RAM has been added, and a panel has been added to make it much easier for owners to install third-party RAM.

The Mini comes in two versions: For £649 you get a desktop-oriented computer with a 2.4Ghz Core Duo processor, 320GB hard drive, and 2GB of RAM. A new server-oriented Mini uses a 2.66Ghz Core Duo processor and manages to cram two 500GB hard drives in the tiny case. It comes with OSX Snow Leopard Server and 4GB of memory for £929.

Price: £649 - 929  | BUY NOW
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