Apple battery charger

Apple battery charger

You know Steve Jobs is doing something right when he is able to release a simple battery charger and garner massive amounts of media attention. But the Apple Battery Charger is now ordinary charger. Designed to efficiently recharge batteries for use in various Apple devices, this battery charger is equipped with a power management system designed to conserve energy and help out the environment (and your electricity bills).

How is the Apple Battery Charger able to reduce energy consumption so drastically? It is able to sense when a battery is fully charged, an ability not seen in other battery chargers. Once the battery finishes charging, the Apple Battery Charger reduces its power intake to only 30 milliwatts, while other battery chargers continue running at a power intake of over 300 milliwatts.

In addition to efficiently recharging your batteries, the Apple Battery Charger comes equipped with six high-performance AA NiMH which can be used with your keyboard, mouse, track pad or a variety of other devices. These batteries can be used and recharged for up to ten years, considerably longer than the average battery.

Another convenient aspect of the Apple Battery Charger is the ease with which users can detect the status of the charging batteries. The charger comes with coloured status indicator lights, which glow amber while the battery is still charging, appear green when they are finished charging and ready to be used, and flash amber when the charger is loaded with incompatible batteries, damaged or faulty batteries, or when the batteries have not been properly installed.

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