Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones

As a moderate whiskey sipper I enjoy a few good blends but like to take the edge off with a couple of ice-cubes. Using ice dilutes the overall balance of the flavors so I do not get the real taste of what was intended by the distiller. Being somewhat of a technology geek I decided to try various ice-cube alternatives to test the effects on the taste of my favorites. I am happy to say that I have indeed found an acceptable alternative to the common ice-cube.

Whiskey Stones are a new innovation for the whiskey and bourbon connoisseur out there who likes their spirits on the rocks but hates diluting their favorite libation with ordinary ice cubes. Just drop the stones into the freezer until ready to use. Put them in the bottom of your glass, cover them with two fingers of your favorite beverage, wait five minutes to chill, and enjoy.

These little soapstone wonders cool your drink without diluting the mild nuance of your favorite brand. Whiskey Stones allow you to taste what the distiller meant for you to taste. They impart a “stony” chill to your drink that leaves the real taste intact. They are non-porous so they will not pick up any strange flavors or odors. They can be reused after you are finished by just rinsing them off and letting them air dry before replacing in the freezer. The best thing is that they hold their temperature a fairly long time so enjoy rocks these and sip away.

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Waterproof MP3 Player – Sony Walkman NWZ-252 2GB

Waterproof MP3 Player – Sony Walkman NWZ-252 2GB

Once upon a time, the Sony Walkman was the last word in portable music devices for the budget audiophile. Nowadays, it has stiffer competition from Apple and Microsoft but Sony is still putting out a quality device.

The latest iteration of the Walkman is one of the most elegantly designed music devices on the market. Essentially just a pair of headphones, the user is able to slip them on and off with ease when traveling. Playlists are randomized but users can quickly scan songs with the press of a button.

The controls themselves are intuitive. As their is no external media device attached to the headphones, users will control the Sony Walkman by pressing buttons which line the earbuds. For the most part, this is a very intuitive control system but new users might take a little while to get used to controlling their music without being able to see their input.

grey Waterproof MP3 Player   Sony Walkman NWZ 252 2GB

Of course, what really matters is the sound quality. Audio from the Walkman can be played surprisingly loud for such a small, compact device. The device can really pump the bass and there’s very little audio distortion.

The headphones are waterproof, making them excellent companions for long jogs out in the elements. Sony claims they can even be used in the shower, although there haven’t been many tests to see how well it actually preforms under these circumstances.

Overall, the 2GB Sony Walkman is a great way to get your portable music without breaking the bank for flashier digital music players.

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Sony Cybershot TX9 3D Camera

Sony Cybershot TX9 3D Camera

Sony’s flagship camera brand, the Cybershot, has a new member to its ever growing family of products. The Cybershot TX9 camera introduces 3D photography to the masses. Surprisingly affordable, the Cybershot TX9 provides all of the amazing panoramic views that previous models have included, now with the ability to be displayed in stunning 3D images.

The 3D is recorded by photographing individual images for the left eye and the right eye. Images will seem to pop right out of the screen at the viewer. Although other 3D cameras exist, the Cybershot TX9 3D camera is one of the most affordable on the market and represents a new world of widely available 3D photography.

Unfortunately, the TX9 also requires a 3D television set to make any use of the 3D function. Playback on the camera itself will lack a suitable 3D mode. 3D television sets are still very expensive and it will take some time before they are more widely adopted. Still, for those who are on the cutting edge of technology this is both an affordable and functional 3D camera.

In addition to the 3D tools, the TX9 Cybershot has all of the quality features consumers expect from a Sony camera. The 12.2 megapixel photographs are clear and detailed and the interface is easy to use even for beginners. The auto-adjustment tools will help even amateurs produce professional quality pictures.

Whether you’re looking for a top of the line 3D camera or just a great new tool for taking regular pictures, the Cybershot TX9 is one of the best tools available for purchase.

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Renault Formula 1 watch – TW Steel RF1 Pilot watches

Renault Formula 1 watch – TW Steel RF1 Pilot watches

TW Steel RF1 Pilot watches stand out among the countless choices of timepieces available with their combination of unique styling and trustworthy performance.

Inspired by a blend of aviation and motorsport elements, and with TW Steel’s tradition of precision watch design, a TW Steel RF1 Pilot watch can have either a black-and-yellow colour scheme that gives it a sleek contrast of colours, or polished chrome or silver finish that evokes a classic and elegant sports watch appeal. Either way, these watches possess striking appearance.

More than just appealing accessories, TW Steel RF1 Pilot watches feature reliable functionality. They are fitted with oversized watch faces and equally large numbers. This makes time checking extremely easy. Their long leather straps ensure a comfortable fit. Moreover, their meter function provides extremely fast and accurate gauging of angles and distances, and the chronometers set time increments down to fractions with utmost precision.

This is in keeping with the traditional design of aviation watches, which necessitated large watch faces for visibility and long straps for fitting over pilots’ flight suits. TW steel has taken these functional distinctions and incorporated them with stylish design to create unique watches.

Such features make these timepieces visually impressive and handy for the technologically perceptive and fashionable set. In fact, they are the timepieces of choice and their maker the official partner for the Renault Formula One auto racing team.

More important, whether the wearers fly planes, drive race cars, or simply walk the streets in style, TW Steel RF1 Pilot watches deliver the ultimate in design and functionality.

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Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini

While the new iPhone got all the press, it wasn’t the only announcement at Macworld. A new Mac Mini was also released, switching the tiny computer over to a completely aluminum shell to match the company’s other offerings. The new design is larger, covering about 20cm square with a height of 3.6cm. This is about 4cm wider and longer than the previous Mini and 1.6cm taller. However, the power supply has been integrated into the case so the overall size of the system is smaller than the previous design.

Inside, the hardware is similar to the 13″ MacBook. Graphics have been upgraded to NVIDIA’s GeForce 320M which runs about 80% faster than the previous 9400M. 802.11n is now standard
Video comes from a Mini Display port or an HDMI port, a first for Apple. This allows the Mini to connect directly to an HDTV.

grey Apple Mac Mini

All of the plugs are mounted on the rear including the SD card slot, which makes using it a bit awkward. Data and peripheral connections are handled by four USB ports and a single Firewire port. DDR3 RAM has been added, and a panel has been added to make it much easier for owners to install third-party RAM.

The Mini comes in two versions: For £649 you get a desktop-oriented computer with a 2.4Ghz Core Duo processor, 320GB hard drive, and 2GB of RAM. A new server-oriented Mini uses a 2.66Ghz Core Duo processor and manages to cram two 500GB hard drives in the tiny case. It comes with OSX Snow Leopard Server and 4GB of memory for £929.

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