DODO Case for iPad

DODO Case for iPad

In a not-so-inconspicuous reference to the extinct dodo bird of the 17th century, the DODO case for iPad and iPad 3G will offer a hard-shell case protection from extinction for your iPad. Following suit with the Nook and the Kindle for providing stylish, protective cases, the iPad can be used directly from within the case, and there is no need for removal at any time.

The hard case is made to fit the iPad and no other gadget, so it provides a very snug fit tailored exactly to the height, width and thickness of the iPad that it iPad will not fall out of unless shaken violently while upside down.

The 1st edition DODO case is made by hand in San Francisco, California using traditional book binding techniques that have been used for centuries. It gives the appearance of a traditional, Moleskine-style journal, and is a beautiful reference to the combination of new and old media technologies. It comments on Gutenburg’s opening up of doors of information to the public by mass-producing the book, and on how the iPad is opening up portals upon portals of convenient information and entertainment through portable internet. You can even hold the case like a book when reading a web page if you like.

The DODO case also works as a stand for your iPad. By folding the cover of the case back on itself, you can view your iPad in portrait or landscape views, or even flat with a bit of a raised surface to make typing easier.

grey DODO Case for iPad

grey DODO Case for iPad

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JBL Creature III Self-Powered Multimedia Satellite and Subwoofer

JBL Creature III Self-Powered Multimedia Satellite and Subwoofer

For those audiophiles looking to upgrade their current systems, look not farther than the JBL Creature III Self-Powered Multimedia Satellite and Subwoofer package. This light, compact package packs a whopping punch in only two tiny satellite speakers and a sub. With a subwoofer that is only 230mm by 230mm and two satellite speakers that measure 75mm by 75mm this system can fit anywhere, not only on the desktop.

With a dedicated power supply one never has to worry about the audio being too low, and this is the perfect upgrade for a user who only is currently using laptop speakers. The output on these speakers measures 25 watts, far more than the average movie watcher or gamer would need. It is true that other systems deliver more sound but what makes the JBL package truly unique is the small compact package that the 25 watts come in. This speaker and subwoofer combo can fit truly anywhere, and is the perfect option for the student on the go.

When looking at options for computer speakers it is important to look at systems that deliver a powered subwoofer. Many systems deliver the same wattage with a passive subwoofer, but this is just sacrificing sound quality for the wattage. The JBL Creature III Self-Powered Multimedia solves this problem by providing a powered sub along with two powerful satellites that are guaranteed to rock one’s room.

With JBL’s 1 year warranty along with the set one knows they are getting a great deal, and for a price that is under 100 American dollars, this is one system that cannot be beat.

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Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

The Aeron Office Chair by Herman Miller, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is so innovative and aesthetically pleasing it has a permanent place in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Designers Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf sought to create a chair that is anthropometrically inclusive and environmentally benign.

Aeron does more than accommodate, it truly fits people of all sizes. Design research included thermal testing and pressure mapping to determine weight and heat distribution. Herman Miller advanced the radical idea that a work chair should fit like a piece of clothing. Rejecting standard anthropometric data, they created more inclusive tables. They then designed a small chair to fit a 1st percentile female, which adjusted larger at many key points, and a large chair for a 99th percentile male, which adjusted smaller. Finally a third chair, for the middle range of sitters was created.

Research determined that the natural pivot point for reclining is the ankle, and the chair works this way, rather than forcing pivoting at the pelvis. Known as kinematic coherence, this example is an integral element of the Aeron design.

grey Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Thermal comfort is another strong attribute of the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair. The patented Pellicle mesh allows sitters to remain thermally neutral– becoming neither heated or damp through contact with foam padding. Chairs with a breathable surface actually lower office thermal control costs.

The chair’s components contain a high proportion of recycled material, and is itself 94% recyclable.

Although expensive, the Aeron lives up to its lofty design goals.

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LaCie iamaKey USB Flash Drive

LaCie iamaKey USB Flash Drive

The LaCie iamaKey Thumb-Drive is one of the better thumb-drives that is available. More and more people are choosing to carry flash drives with them at all times, but this means that the drives must be inconspicuous, carry a lot of data, and, most importantly, stand up to abuse.

This thumb-drive is all of that and more. It fits very well on a keyring, as promised, and looks just like a key, albeit a little larger. Unless it was inspected closely, nobody would ever know that it is a flash drive. The drive is remarkably strong, and even waterproof to a degree. It does not flex at all when plugged into the computer, even with the keyring and the weight of the other keys attached. It has excellent transfer speeds. The drive also has remarkably low failure rates after one year: approximately 4%, as compared to the industry standard of around 12%.

There is only one problem with the drive. This is that the serial number is not included on the drive itself. Rather, it is included in the disposable packaging that comes with the drive. The manufacturer has chosen not to honor warranties without a serial number, so this can pose a problem. However, given the strength of the drive it is unlikely that anyone will encounter a situation in which he or she needs to call in a warranty.

Overall this drive is highly recommended. However, a customer should make sure that he or she copies the serial number onto a text file and puts it in multiple locations before throwing away the original packaging.

Available sizes: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

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Buckyballs Magnetic Building Spheres

Buckyballs Magnetic Building Spheres

Who knew that a bunch of magnetic balls could be so much fun? Buckyball Magnetic Building Spheres, or Buckyballs for short, are small super strong magnetic balls that stick together. Each pack you buy contains 216, which is enough to build lots of complicated structures. As simple as the idea is, it is surprising how much fun they are. Shipped in a nifty case as a cube, you can literally peel off layers of spheres and unfold it into a giant T. Some simple rearrangement and you have a pyramid. Use an old credit card and you can dice them any way you want. Really, the only limit to what you build is your imagination. Or, if you are like me, it is more fun to just break them into random shapes and reassemble them differently, not really having any shape in mind. They are a wonderful toy to fidget with.

Buckyballs are not the only type of toy like this. There are other brands, but they generally have smaller, more cheaply made magnetic spheres. Unlike Buckyballs, their spheres start to fall apart into metallic flakes. Unlike their competition, you can also choose from a different colors. In addition to the classic chrome finish, you can also get gold silver and black. No matter what color you choose, each Buckyball will be made of high quality grade N35 Neodymium magnets that are 5mm in diameter.

grey Buckyballs Magnetic Building Spheres

These may be the perfect desktop toy. They just beg to be fiddled with. If you need something to do while you think, or are just bored of working, these will provide the perfect distraction for you. Just remember to start working again afterward. For such a simple toy, they are really addictive.

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