120-Disc Acrylic Storage Box

120-Disc Acrylic Storage Box

Holycool has done it again with a new and innovative gadget for all the people who love small trinkets for the office. This gadget is so simple in design, yet so useful that it will filling offices worldwide in a matter of months. What makes the latest gadget from Holycool winner? This 120-Disc Acrylic Storage Box offers a convenient place for all of those annoying disks that always seem to waste precious desk space. Just as the name implies, this box neatly holds 120 CD’s or DVDs and only takes up a small amount of desk space. The 120-Disc Acrylic Storage Box even includes hanging sleeves that protect disks! Go out and get one today and see innovation at it’s finest.

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Tandem USB connector. Interesting concept.

Tandem USB connector. Interesting concept.

The Tandem USB connector is an excellent way to add more functionality to USB ports. With the increasing number of USB-compatible devices these days, it’s often difficult to find enough ports to connect all of the devices. The Tandem USB connector allows multiple devices to be plugged into the same port at the same time. Genius!

Not only is the Tandem USB connector eye-catching and colourful, it’s also a useful alternative to a USB hub. USB hubs also allow multiple devices to be connected at once, but the hub itself takes up much more space on the desktop. A great bonus of the Tandem USB is that its coloured cords make it especially easy to keep cords organised and untangled.

It’s an interesting concept for now. What do you think?

grey Tandem USB connector. Interesting concept.

grey Tandem USB connector. Interesting concept.

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Apple battery charger

Apple battery charger

You know Steve Jobs is doing something right when he is able to release a simple battery charger and garner massive amounts of media attention. But the Apple Battery Charger is now ordinary charger. Designed to efficiently recharge batteries for use in various Apple devices, this battery charger is equipped with a power management system designed to conserve energy and help out the environment (and your electricity bills).

How is the Apple Battery Charger able to reduce energy consumption so drastically? It is able to sense when a battery is fully charged, an ability not seen in other battery chargers. Once the battery finishes charging, the Apple Battery Charger reduces its power intake to only 30 milliwatts, while other battery chargers continue running at a power intake of over 300 milliwatts.

In addition to efficiently recharging your batteries, the Apple Battery Charger comes equipped with six high-performance AA NiMH which can be used with your keyboard, mouse, track pad or a variety of other devices. These batteries can be used and recharged for up to ten years, considerably longer than the average battery.

Another convenient aspect of the Apple Battery Charger is the ease with which users can detect the status of the charging batteries. The charger comes with coloured status indicator lights, which glow amber while the battery is still charging, appear green when they are finished charging and ready to be used, and flash amber when the charger is loaded with incompatible batteries, damaged or faulty batteries, or when the batteries have not been properly installed.

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Threadless Loves Havaianas Flip Flops

Threadless Loves Havaianas Flip Flops

Threadless and Havaianas recently teamed up to create a new line of Havaianas flip flops using some of Threadless’ most popular tee designs, including two new designs created specifically for this line of products. Like all Threadless tee contests, the “Threadless Loves Havaianas” competition was open to artists from around the world. In addition to getting their design on a tee and flip flop, winning artists were also given a shared award of $10,000.

More than 600 artists submitted their designs to the contest. In the end, Farhan Hassan from Singapore and Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini from Chile won the competition with their respective designs “Bloom Box” and “Royal Wave.” These two new designs were added to the “Threadless Loves Havaianas” line with existing designs “Living In Harmony” by Josh Perkins from Arizona, “Cookie Loves Milk” by Jess Fink from New York City, “It’s Toile About You” by Ross Zietz from Chicago, and “The Great Animal Hunt” by Emmy Cicierega from Massachusetts.

Havaianas rubber flip flops are incredibly comfortable and come in many different styles. All of the winning designs are available for women in Euro sizes 37-44 and men in Euro sizes 41-48. Threadless tees are primarily created from American Apparel t-shirts, which are made in the U.S. under fair labor conditions and are 100% cotton. The Threadless tees are also available in women’s style S-2XL and men’s style S-3XL.

The flip flops and tees were revealed in New York City on July 8th and are now available for purchase.

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The new turbocharged iMac is better, brighter, and faster than ever

The new turbocharged iMac is better, brighter, and faster than ever

The new Turbocharged iMac is better, brighter, and faster than ever. Featuring two sizes (21-inch and 27-inch) fitting a broad spectrum of budgets and featuring an LED-backlit 16:9 display, the new iMac is a stunning addition to the Mac family at Apple.

Better Performance and Graphics
With new Intel Core processors, starting at the dual-core Intel i3 processor standard and ATI Radeon HD 4670 at 256 MB of memory, the new iMac is an ideal upgrade for gamers, families, and professionals alike. With the upgraded quad-core Intel i5 processor, you can expect even more scorching performance for all of your computing needs. Also included standard is 4 GB of RAM, giving this machine punch right out of the box without an upgrade.

Better Picture
Sporting up to 78% more pixels depending on size, the new iMac offers a fantastic technology called IPS (in-plane switching) which means the screen looks great from any angle. Also, at 16:9 aspect ratio, you’ve got an HD-TV worthy view. Games, movies, even spreadsheets look fabulous on this glossy screen.

State of the Art Accessories
The new iMac is packaged with the wireless Magic Mouse as a standard accessory, giving you multi-function swipe, scroll, and click for your desktop, just like a portable. The wireless trend continues with the wireless aluminum keyboard with a flat profile to add comfort to your daily computing.

With pleasing aesthetics, aluminum construction, and LED backlighting, the new iMac is sure to stand out—or blend in—on your desk or workspace. The added power and performance make this computer a strong contender for the desktop computing market.

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