The best strong and lightweight suitcase “Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Multiwheel”

The best strong and lightweight suitcase “Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Multiwheel”

The Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 29” Trolley Multiwheel Suitcase is a great solution for needing lightweight luggage. This sturdy workhorse comes in at slightly under 4.5 kilograms making it extremely easy to manoeuvre and handle. TSA locks built into the case help to keep it secure and more difficult to break into. Wheel housing provide a limited amount of wear and tear protection from general use and bumps while traveling. All features are colored to match the case. Other stylish features include gold accents on the hub caps of the wheels, the TSA locks, and handles that match the telescoping rods of the pull up handle.

This suitcase is constructed completely of polycarbonate, making it a resilient travel companion. It will retain its previous shape if it becomes compressed. This is particularly helpful for maintaining good quality through the rigours of air travel. The Add-A-Bag holder is simple to use and extremely strong; storing away neatly when not in use.

Rimowa‘s Flex Divider System is featured in this product. Dividers are present in both the lid and the base providing a high degree of customisation options. They can easily be shifted around to keep your clothes firmly in place and from wrinkling. It is a simple matter to remove it from the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Multiwheel Suitcase if it is not needed. The Flex Divider System is extremely lightweight and durable, making it barely noticeable to the user.

grey The best strong and lightweight suitcase Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Multiwheel

This suitcase is fairly close to indestructible when it comes to damage. Waterproof zippers help keep contents dry in adverse conditions. Materials and workmanship are protected by a 5-Year manufacturers warranty.

The Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 29” Trolley Multiwheel Suitcase offers great utility and durability to any user. Those particularly interested in a strong suitcase that is easy to manoeuvre and light would enjoy this model well.

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Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

With each new generation, the Apple iPhone becomes a more powerful, more spectacular device. The iPhone 4 is no exception. It has several new, much-requested features, along with the same fantastic interface of previous iPhone generations.

One of the most spectacular new features of the iPhone 4 is its brilliant screen, which has a much better resolution than earlier models. The new screen must be seen to be appreciated. Text looks much clearer, and pictures have astounding quality. The updated camera, which now hosts a flash and a simple reverse-view for taking pictures of oneself, makes it easy to get great shots to view on the new screen. A digital zoom also makes the iPhone 4′s camera much more formidable.

The iPhone 4 seems much faster than previous incarnations, although the jump in speed from the 3GS to the 4 isn’t as significant as the jump from the 3G to the 3GS. That’s not a complaint–it’s one of the fastest and most powerful smart phones on the market, and the new speed of the iPhone 4 puts it easily ahead of its competition.

The sleek new design of the iPhone 4 means that the phone is less likely to slip out of your hands, and it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. Overall, if you’ve waited to get an iPhone, the iPhone 4 makes it easy to get on board with the flagship Apple device. It’s fast, feature-packed, and superior to every other model of Apple iPhone ever released.

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Hot contender for digital camera of the year, Sony NEX-5

Hot contender for digital camera of the year, Sony NEX-5

The NEX-5 is Sony’s first foray into the new market of small, mirror less cameras with interchangeable lenses. This innovation means you get the quality of traditional cameras with a size that even digital cameras cannot compete with. Although it may look strange at first – its large lens sticking off a palm-sized camera – the quality of the picture and video produced by this camera is striking.

The cameras view screen is 3 inches wide and has very high resolution. It can also be tilted at 80 degrees and 45 degrees in order to adjust to your shooting. The video recording aspect of this tiny camera is indeed a step above what many digital camera users are used to. The 1080i AVCHD video produced by the NEX-5 is crystal clear and captures detail as well as the 14 megapixel photos this camera also produces. The anti-motion-blur, long range shooting, and twilight modes deliver incredible pictures and video under any circumstances.

The panorama mode boasts an impressive 226 degree horizontal panorama range and a 151 degree vertical range. There is even an intriguing upgrade in the works to create the first 3D panorama pictures that can be viewed on the new Bravia 3D television sets to be released in the next few years.

As for storage and battery power, the NEX-5 does not disappoint. You can get approximately 330 shots per battery charge. The NEX-5 supports the most major storage formats through its dual slots. The NEX-5 is indeed an impressive, versatile, and compact camera that is sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding professional photographer.

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Apple iPad

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has received some criticism–mainly from regular Apple detractors–for its relatively high price tag and low feature set. Much of this criticism centered around the device’s inability to multitask. However, with the latest Apple OS software update, the iPad has gained multitasking abilities, and it’s now fair to say that it’s a formidable machine.

It’s best not to think of the Apple iPad as a traditional computer, since it’s designed for tablet functions. There’s no better device for reading the morning paper or viewing art prints, and the touch screen of the iPad brings a whole new level of intuitiveness to computers. That’s the most astounding part of the iPad in a nutshell: it doesn’t feel like a computer. It feels almost like an extension of oneself, and its brilliant screen and competent processor make it a formidable opponent for other touchscreen devices on the market.

iPad owners can use their computers in typical ways, however. A Bluetooth keyboard can be paired with the iPad, allowing for easier typing, although the touchscreen does a fairly good job. There are a number of cases on the market that allow the iPad to be propped up like a typical laptop when necessary.

Ultimately, the Apple iPad is one of the most exciting computing devices to come out in the last decade. Whether it’s used for ebook reading, music listening, or a variety of other functions, it’s an exciting and fun device with an astounding, innovative feel–perfect for computer users everywhere.

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The Xbox 360 Slim: New life for Microsoft

The Xbox 360 Slim: New life for Microsoft

A much needed revision for the Xbox, the 360 Slim, came out in late June to the applause of Microsoft fans everywhere. The new, slick, black version of every gamer’s favorite platform is back and better than ever, albeit with a steep price tag of 300 big ones. If you can foot the bill, this might prove to be one of the better investments in an Xbox, ever.

Technically, Microsoft’s newest cash cow really isn’t called the “Slim”, its the “Xbox 360 S”. Actually, Xbox rarely even uses its actual name in advertisements, preferring to go with the “new” Xbox 360 (which doesn’t sound as cool but sure rakes in the money). Anyways, the ‘S’ comes with a generous 250 Gigabytes of storage, built-in WiFi, KINECT capability, 5 USB ports, a better fan, “smoother” run, and a cool black finish to top it off.

Still, although the pros definitely outweigh the cons, there were some things Microsoft probably could have implemented but opted out on. Blu-ray, for example, has been harped upon by rival Playstation for years now, and Xbox still has chosen not to begin integrate their hardware with the new technology. Another side note on hardware quirks: the black plastic coating is very prone to fingerprint marks and smudges.

Regardless of its tiny shortcomings, the 360 Slim has managed to breathe new life into Xbox. The smaller, sleeker, and more efficient design was merely the icing on the cake for most die-hard Microsoft fan boys, that’s for sure.

grey The Xbox 360 Slim: New life for Microsoft

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