iPort for iPad

iPort for iPad

It’s no secret that the iPad has taken the world by storm. Apple’s device has exceeded everyone’s expectations in terms of customer feedback, and continues to sell remarkably well. Since the device is basically a touch-screen computer, it is lending itself to the ever-changing field of technological advancement to the point where people are using iPads in scenarios that were never before even considered. The iPort has done just that, as it allows one to permanently install an iPad into their wall.

Whether you wish to use portrait or landscape mode, the iPort allows you to make your iPad a permanent fixture in your home. It can be used to browse the web, check emails, play music – all with the simple touch of a finger. Plus, installing an iPad into your wall can make your home look very sleek. All in all, the iPort is an excellent iPad accessory.

Price: $499 | BUY NOW
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