The new turbocharged iMac is better, brighter, and faster than ever

The new turbocharged iMac is better, brighter, and faster than ever

The new Turbocharged iMac is better, brighter, and faster than ever. Featuring two sizes (21-inch and 27-inch) fitting a broad spectrum of budgets and featuring an LED-backlit 16:9 display, the new iMac is a stunning addition to the Mac family at Apple.

Better Performance and Graphics
With new Intel Core processors, starting at the dual-core Intel i3 processor standard and ATI Radeon HD 4670 at 256 MB of memory, the new iMac is an ideal upgrade for gamers, families, and professionals alike. With the upgraded quad-core Intel i5 processor, you can expect even more scorching performance for all of your computing needs. Also included standard is 4 GB of RAM, giving this machine punch right out of the box without an upgrade.

Better Picture
Sporting up to 78% more pixels depending on size, the new iMac offers a fantastic technology called IPS (in-plane switching) which means the screen looks great from any angle. Also, at 16:9 aspect ratio, you’ve got an HD-TV worthy view. Games, movies, even spreadsheets look fabulous on this glossy screen.

State of the Art Accessories
The new iMac is packaged with the wireless Magic Mouse as a standard accessory, giving you multi-function swipe, scroll, and click for your desktop, just like a portable. The wireless trend continues with the wireless aluminum keyboard with a flat profile to add comfort to your daily computing.

With pleasing aesthetics, aluminum construction, and LED backlighting, the new iMac is sure to stand out—or blend in—on your desk or workspace. The added power and performance make this computer a strong contender for the desktop computing market.

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