Apple iPad

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has received some criticism–mainly from regular Apple detractors–for its relatively high price tag and low feature set. Much of this criticism centered around the device’s inability to multitask. However, with the latest Apple OS software update, the iPad has gained multitasking abilities, and it’s now fair to say that it’s a formidable machine.

It’s best not to think of the Apple iPad as a traditional computer, since it’s designed for tablet functions. There’s no better device for reading the morning paper or viewing art prints, and the touch screen of the iPad brings a whole new level of intuitiveness to computers. That’s the most astounding part of the iPad in a nutshell: it doesn’t feel like a computer. It feels almost like an extension of oneself, and its brilliant screen and competent processor make it a formidable opponent for other touchscreen devices on the market.

iPad owners can use their computers in typical ways, however. A Bluetooth keyboard can be paired with the iPad, allowing for easier typing, although the touchscreen does a fairly good job. There are a number of cases on the market that allow the iPad to be propped up like a typical laptop when necessary.

Ultimately, the Apple iPad is one of the most exciting computing devices to come out in the last decade. Whether it’s used for ebook reading, music listening, or a variety of other functions, it’s an exciting and fun device with an astounding, innovative feel–perfect for computer users everywhere.

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