24 Day 7 – Season Premiere

24 Day 7 – Season Premiere

Jack Bauer since been captured in a fictional African civil war is back in Washington DC facing charges for the crimes he has previously committed in days 1-6.  Luckily for Jack action will no doubt break up the legal drama, just in time to get him killing the bad guys within the first 15 real time minutes.

Here at SlashCool we love 24, that is its a great action show with pretty good story arcs – but what we really cannot stand is the useless inter office bickering of CTU staff engaging in he said she said office politics when they are in the middle of a national crisis.  This season Fox seems to have taken note and moved the whole show to Washington DC, hopefully dumping the boring CTU setup once and forall. After all Jack is a one man army, sure he needs tech help but not from annoying people who are too busy fighting for pay rise.  The other irony with 24 is that there is always a big rich white guy at the heart of the US government who is trying to overthrow the newly elected president and is actually planning terrorism strikes on the US…  sure sometimes but every season?

Anyway the action starts now (well Monday 12th January at 9PM in the UK – on Sky One in HD)

While you are waiting – check out this write up of the New season of 24 on wired.com

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