5 Must Have XBox 360 Games

5 Must Have XBox 360 Games

So you have an Xbox 360, but do you have the killer games?

Left 4 Dead (Valve)

Fight to survive the most intense, edge of your seat zombie hunting experience imaginable. Left 4 Dead can be played in multi-player, co op and single player modes, including a four on four verses mode, and Zombies vs. Survivor online play. It also features a new artificial intelligence director which guarantees that your gaming experience will never quite be the same.

grey 5 Must Have XBox 360 Games

left 4 Dead Xbox 360 Game

Lost Odyssey (Mistwalker)

If you love RPGs, this is the game for you. Based off the Unreal System, for incredible graphics and play, Lost Odyssey takes you through the story of Kaim Argonar, an immortal suffering from memory loss. Play Kaim as he discovers who he is, and exact revenge on the person responsible. Mistwalker created epically vast worlds, memorable characters and an unstoppable storyline. Add a musical score by Nobuo Uematsu, and what more could a game need?

grey 5 Must Have XBox 360 Games

Lost Odyssey

Call of Duty: End of War (Treyarch)

If you didn’t love the first four Call of Duty games, this one might change your mind. End of War comes to you in the middle of World War II, reintroducing weapons and technology of the era. This new installment has new capabilities, such as multi player and co-op modes, and several ways to complete mission objectives. You are still as ever accompanied by AI teammates, but in an even more destructible, and flammable environment.

grey 5 Must Have XBox 360 Games

Call of Duty World at War on the Xbox 360

Prince of Persia (Ubisoft)

Who doesn’t love acrobats, puzzle solving, combat games? You are the Prince of ancient Persia, and it is up to you to save the world from the evil Ahriman. Astounding graphics, and an all-encompassing storyline pull you into the game, while enjoying a proper mix of new and old game play elements. A definite must have for your gaming collection.

grey 5 Must Have XBox 360 Games

Prince of Persia on Xbox 360

Soul Caliber 4 (Namco)

A bigger, better version of the previous three, players can now play as three guest Star Wars characters! Enjoy yourself with Story, Arcade, Training, and Museum modes, and try a brand new mode called Tower of Lost Souls in which you enter special battles to gain rewards.

grey 5 Must Have XBox 360 Games

Soul Caliber 4


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