5 Blu-ray titles that will blow away your home cinema

5 Blu-ray titles that will blow away your home cinema

Lets face it the reason to own Blu-ray is for its awesome picture and ear-shattering digital surround sound, but with so many films and television shows coming out on the format, it can be hard to choose which titles to start with.

The following are five must have Blu-ray films that will blow away your home cinema and make the envy of your mats and the enemy of your neighbours.
Black Hawk Down is one of the best Blu-ray titles you can invest in. The action of this film is fast paced and nuanced. Turn up your sub and enjoy…
The Pixar films all pop in Blu-ray, and if you are looking for a classic title made all the more impressive through this technology, then you should invest in the Toy Story films. On the small screen, the technology of these films is impressive, but HD, the sheer artistry of these films is beyond real and will impress the whole family.
Casino Royale is another film that gains massive depth and realism on Blu-ray format. The action of this film is incredibly impressive on the small screen but it will make anyone’s heart speed up.
The Pirates of the Caribbean films are incredible in high def, but beware you will start to plot upgrades to your surround sound system.

Batman: The Dark Knight is a great film, has a good story and enough action to satisfy everyone.  Make sure the lights are off and the volume is high!
Need to bring your other half round to the home cinema – show her The Devil Wears Prada in High Definition… Watching it on Blu-ray is at least one reason to watch it…


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