Icon FJ Series

Icon FJ Series

Likening back to the days of World War I, rugged four-wheel drive vehicles have captured the fancy of anyone with a hearty sense of adventure. The Icon FJ series is a modernized version of a classic staple: the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser. The Icon resembles the original 40 series, but with upgrades all around, including aeronautically-styled dash panels, four-wheel disc brakes, a V8 350hp engine, and a Teflon-based powder coating that can stand up to the harshest of environments. This beauty comes at a cost, though, starting around £81,000. The three distinct models come as the classic short-wheeled base (FJ40), a longer wheel-base with a bit more room (FJ43), and the long-bed pickup that excels as a powerful workhorse (FJ45).

Price: $126,000 | BUY NOW
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